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To the Nile
Image of “Casita Favorita” Print

“Casita Favorita” Print


La casita favorita print is my tropical rendition of a house with similiar structure that I often pass along on my drive through Baja en route to Ensenada to visit family. It’s often overlooked and rundown but there’s something about it that intrigues me, it has character and pastel color.

I love the feeling it brings, maybe it’s because it reminds me of traveling on new soil and being close to family. They say home is where the heart is, I think it’s true that our version of home can be wherever we choose, wherever brings joy. I’ve always dreamt of living in the jungle with my own farm watching an orange sunrise surrounded by tropical green. Here it is my dream house “Mi casita favorita”

Printed on Premium luster photo paper poster

2 size options available below

*Customized sizes avail. upon request

Image of "La Selva" Print
"La Selva" Print
Image of "My Families Kitchen" Print
"My Families Kitchen" Print
Image of “Wholesome” Print
“Wholesome” Print
Image of “Egypxican” Print
“Egypxican” Print
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