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To the Nile
Image of "My Families Kitchen" Print

"My Families Kitchen" Print


My Families Kitchen

I remember a time where compiled objects rested together on a counter. A brief sensory within my childhood of a moment in time triggered this memory. A teal aqldra, a traditional cooking pot primarily prepared in the Middle East and known to North Africa as the Tajine rests among a small bowl of black lugano olives from a nearby market in Italy. Their slight bitter-soft taste produced a memory of my mother who had consistently brought a feeling of warmth and tenderness into the kitchen. In the background are chipped clay pots of various sizes from ancient Mexico that my grandfather collected over the years. Together these artifacts unite the memories that acknowledge my mother and fathers lineages within an entirely different environment from which these objects stood.

Our relationship to objects evoke feelings from our connections to them over time. I admire how memories are triggered as they evolve over time and then transform into different interpretations and its essence seems to be the only constant.

Image of "La Selva" Print
"La Selva" Print
Image of “Casita Favorita” Print
“Casita Favorita” Print
Image of “Wholesome” Print
“Wholesome” Print
Image of “Egypxican” Print
“Egypxican” Print
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