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To the Nile
Image of “Egypxican” Print

“Egypxican” Print


Egypxican Print 〰️ .
From the Heritage series .

As a child I watched my grandfather make salsa as the aroma filled the air. I listened to the stones clash as he crushed garlic in a very old mocajete from Coahuila Mexico . Chile’s and Ajo hung on a wall in the corner. I put a poster up of the pyramids and imagined it was a window. I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d be able to meet my lineage on my fathers side in Egypt and we would get to share a meal together in the kitchen. Two cultures combined. Familia es todo.

Printed on Premium luster photo paper poster 13 x 19

*Customized sizes avail. upon request

Image of "La Selva" Print
"La Selva" Print
Image of “Casita Favorita” Print
“Casita Favorita” Print
Image of "My Families Kitchen" Print
"My Families Kitchen" Print
Image of “Wholesome” Print
“Wholesome” Print
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